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Autumn-outing to Tianping Hill, Suzhou (Nov. 2013)

Congratulations! Your have graduated! (June, 2013)

(Left to right:Ms. Xinpan Wei, Mr. Xiangxu Jiang, Ms. Yimei Lu, Ms. Yuanyuan Guo, Mr. Fei Peng )

(Left to right:Mr. Fei Peng, Mr. Xiangxu Jiang, Ms. Xinpan Wei, Ms. Yuanyuan Guo, Ms. Yimei Lu)

Spring Outing to Sanshan Island, Taihu Lake, Suzhou (May 5th, 2013)

April 12th, 2013, FUNSOM Basketball Match (one of our group members: Chongxi Song, No.10 in red, represents the nano-biotechnology team)

The 11th National Conference on Analytical Chemistry,Tsingtao·China (Oct. 2012)


Autumn-outing to Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou (Oct. 2012)


Spring-outing to Xihu Lake, Hangzhou (May 2012)


Happy Birthday!


Goodbye dinner with Dr. Tingting Xu (Dec. 2011)

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